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Forever Uncertain


It’s funny, once a loved one dies you end up thinking about them more often

then you did when they were around…. 

It’s almost June 2nd, which means…my mothers 50 something birthday.

Yesss! I’ve lost track, but I don’t want to count anymore

but its been around 7 years….

It’s been too long!

It’s around that time, all i want to do is talk to her

but then again…..it’s always around that time.

I’m usually good for so many months, then everything

wrong with me, hits me at once…………

Everything in my life has hit me all at once!

I’m forever fucked!

I just want to forget and move on…

I lack emotions, but i lack them towards reality.

Towards…RIGHT NOW!

I push those who need me now away, because I can’t deal.

I just don’t want to deal.

I never want to deal again!

NEVER!!!! In my life…..

I’m so conflicted!

I’m sure i’ll never give a shit.

Haha EVER!!!!

But about reality……

Some people are born with emotions

And some are born with none.

 I was born, forever conflicted about life….






And it will remain that way…



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I’ve been feeling a little off lately 

Sorry I’ve been writing…

Just not pressing send…


Sorry…. I’ve been a tad uncomfy lately

there I go again, almost repeating myself

because i’m uncomfortable.

I’ll never feel comfortable…

With anything

Literally nothing!

Everything is a facade….

Everything is fake….

I’m holding on by a string

but never take me seriously

unless i tell you to…

I’m fine

just super dramatic

but it’s because

I want to be super dramatic.

I don’t know what to do with myself..

haha besides wash my hands…. 

(laughing out loud) I literally just want to wash my hands 

That’s my fucking defense…


All I can do is laugh!

I hate how in tune I am with life

And how stupid I feel!

I really wish I didn’t understand.

My guard is so stupid.

There is nothing wrong with me

Everything I feel is left over change…

It’s something that should be stuck in the couch!

Literally garbage!

I need to get over myself.


Everything left…is just life…

I honestly hope its life….

I can’t take anymore surprises! 


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I’m Bitter and Give No Shits!


I should be crocheting right now.

Trying to avoid all my self hate.

Instead i’m drinking tequila…..

Being the bitter bitch that i absolutely HATE!

I’m watching my 600 pound life.

Trying to give myself the extra inspiration to lose 1 more pound.

But i fear i sound like a huge BITCH right now.

I am afraid i will forever suffer from “fat girl syndrome”

I’m ready to look in the mirror and be satisfied.

I know that’ll never happen.

Fat girl syndrome PLUS ptsd doesn’t mesh well.

On top of feeling forever fat and seeing fat, i feel worthless.

I feel like nothing will ever change.

I’m tired of ducking every time my husband gives me a hug.

I’m absolutely SICK of jumping to conclusions.

I HATE keeping my mouth shut….

I yearn to speak my mind, but i fear ill say something wrong.

I’m constantly walking on eggshells.

I’ll never be myself, nothing will ever be as it should.

I ruined me.

He ruined me.

And there’s nothing i can do but try and move on.

It’ll never happen.

My past seems like a blurr with each passing year.

But every now and then i have flashback after flash back.

And when that stage of self hatred is over with.

I go to sleep thinking everything was a dream and guess what?!

I have a fucking mother again.

I then realize, my mother is DEAD!

Everything is a fucking mirage!

I was not only fucking stupid and gullible as a teenager.

But i missed out on being with the people who truly loved me.

I’m a fucking idiot.

I’m a fucking bitch.

I only wish i was more bitter.

My mother taught me better then that.

I wish i could say i hated her and that i wish she was dead.

She had a great heart and deserved the whole world.

She was the whole world.

She gave me and my sisters, happiness, kindness, laughter…

She’s the reason i know how to hold my tongue and whats right and wrong.

If i was my father i would give no shits in the world.

I’d lie, cheat, steal, manipulate anything i wanted and more.

My mother gave me morals.

But what life has handed me has given me




I believe ill never feel sane.

The combination of being traumatized, beaten, dragged across the floor and raped by the person i thought loved me and had a baby with.

And the lost physically of not only my mother but mentally the lost of my father.

It’s drained me.

I cant do lost anymore….

I just want everyone to go away.

I don’t want to feel love……

I want to live.

I just don’t want to care.

I don’t want to love anymore.

I WANT to be loved.

I just don’t want to emote any feelings.

I want to prepare for heartache.



I just don’t want to give a fuck!


Ignore me, i’m a ranter, trying to find herself.

hope 3

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With Day Comes Night, and With Night Comes Headaches!


A late night drink
It feels like old times
Old friends meeting up
Wine is my friend
When my anxiety feels the need to visit
I hate this feeling I feel like a horrible person
I hate this jittery feeling
I don’t know what to do with myself
When did my life get like this
I feel like the world is ending
I have to psych myself out
Everything is fine
Everything will be okay
Yet everything is okayyy
What’s wrong with me
My husband will disagree with me
But I feel like everyone
Yesss I said everyone
Who’s been through a traumatic experience Feels the same way I do
Lost sad upset
I don’t even know what I feel anymore
But I do believe everyone who’s been through something
Feels like me
I felt like the strongest women in the world
Something actually traumatic happened to me
Yeahhh the ones around you may seem cocky
But do they really feel the way they say?
I know I don’t
Remember in the beginning of my blogs I tried to convince everyone I was perfect
Well if you’ve been following You can obviously see that was a lie
I realized it was time to open up
If only everybody would It feels so much better It gets me through the day
Knowing its not the end of the world
It may feel like the end of the world everyday
But I know its not
For the sheer fact that I know at least one person feels the way I do
I wish more people would open there eyes and realize things aren’t perfect for everyone
I often dream of a perfect life for me
One that includes my mother
One that includes people that understand where I come from
Its weird how things sneak up on you
My abusive relationship
Yeahh I didn’t think much of it when I got out of it
But now it affects me majorly
My mothers death Didn’t really affect me then
But now it consumes me
My fathers drug addiction and absence in my life
I pretend its alright
But he’s the only parent I have
I want to have a parent
But yet someone like him in my life isn’t worth it
You shouldn’t have to work to have someone
Who’s suppose to love you to stay in your life
I was closet to my dad
But it shouldn’t of felt like I was in an abusive relationship again
I can barely sleep again
I don’t know why
But I hate lying awake at night
Its the worst
It gives me extra time to think
And you all know I hate thinking
Thinking leads to drinking ;D
Okay that rhymed
 I’m a cornball Get over it!
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Bitch [Anxiety] Pleassssssseeee!!!


I’m having some anxiety right now

I’m thinking back to when i was being positive

when i told you guys i was healthy

when you guys realized i wasn’t who you thought i was

and now I’m like

“where did that go?”

where did that positivity come from?

i feel bad for lying, giving advice

saying things are good

“If i can get through it

so can you!”

but in reality

I’m not through it

I’m just starting

I’m not even close to being done

and that’s what scares me

i hope nobody i know

[or just people in general]

don’t have to feel what i feel everyday

i hate struggling

its getting hard, almost not worth it

but i know its very worth it

and that’s why I’m here today

spreading shit

you know awareness

i wish i was more inspiring

i wish i wasn’t socially awkward

and could put myself out there

i wish i was a better person

and could better the world

I want to just live

Not care about things going on around me.

Little stresses feel like huge obstacles to me!

I know there small.

But my brain doesn’t comprehend it.

I want my brain to realize

i cant always make mountains out of mole hills.

Because that’s all they are.

Things i should be able to sweep under the rug.

Some people have it worst then me.

what happened in the past

The abuse

My mothers death

It happened.

Its over with.

I cant go back.

I need to get over it!

Live my life.

And make my family happy.

I think alcohol should be boycotted ;D

Anyways just sit here and enjoy my

beautiful children :]


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Foolish Mother Fuckerrrrrrr

I haven’t blogged in a while

And for that I am truly sorry

I know many of you look forward to reading my shit

But on the bright side of things

No blogging equals no attacks right ?!

I’ve recently realized that my original thought process of not having attacks

Was because I’ve been working out like crazy

But then I realized I haven’t had an attack cause I haven’t drank since I’ve been working out like crazy

Do you know what’s sad about that?

I was truly upset

I wanted to cry

I felt like a baby getting her bottle taken away

I lost my comfort

I can’t even casual drink

The second I see alcohol

I want it and crave it everyday

But I know the second I take a sip

It’ll feel like an addiction again

The warmth running through my veins

My horrible thoughts returning

The yelling, screaming, and hatred will fill my soul

I don’t wanna be that person anymore

The crazy thing is

I know I should handle this with certain steps

But for now I’m going to do the dumb thing

And replace my addiction with another addiction


Well until I figure out what I wanna do with my problem and how to handle it

I can’t be that wife

I want Chris to love me

Always and forever

I have to change for him

He’s the love of my life and I his

I wouldn’t want to change that because of my foolishness

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All Aboard the Crazy Train!

I wanna be stable!

I’m tired of thinking I’m doing good then BAM!

Everything is back to normal.

Its funny i say anxiety and depression is my normal.

It makes me even more depressed just thinking about it.

I shouldn’t be calling my illness MY “normal”

My day revolves around my illness

My mind is constantly focused on my illness.

PTSD has consumed my entire life.

My husband deserves someone more stable then I !

and i cant give it to him.

This is my life.

and no matter what people try and tell me

I’m strong and beautiful and inspiring.

Or how much people try and fix me.

Ill forever be trapped in this lifestyle.

Lost in this crazy train of thought!

I will never get better

and i must face it.

This is my reality

I need to learn to embrace the good

and stop dwelling on the past

and the things that have

caused my mind to be so fucked up!

Ive boarded this ride

with no expectations as a teen.

And my decisions have taken me

to a foreign place.

I must relearn everything I’ve already known.

and that’s my problem.

Instead of adapting to my surroundings.

I’m going through the old motions.

Reliving life once again.

I need to calm down.

Stop over thinking.

Stop panicking.

And go with the flow.

I must trust that life will guide me through the perfect path.

Whats going to happen will happen regardless

and i must remind myself that!

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Getting Better? Ehhh….

My mind is racing once again
It hasn’t for about a week.
I’ve been working out
Trying to avoid the wine in my fridge!
I want it so bad.
I miss the warm feeling it provides.
I love that it helps me forget
But drinking isn’t the way to rid these thoughts
Its only a temporary fix.
I don’t need temporary I need long term!
Therefore I don’t need it!
I shouldn’t need it !
I refuse to be yet another statistic
PTSD equals drink your fucking life away till your problems are solved!
Nope! I refuse.
I feel like I’ve mastered every problem you could probably have in life.
Life’s a struggle for me everyday
It always has and I feel and fear It always will be
But I try to look at the positives
I’m still here!
Which means I have a purpose.
I don’t know what that purpose is
But I can’t wait to find out!
I think its the change I crave!
I wanna know why I’m here and what I’m suppose to do
My life can’t possibly revolve around my anxiety and depression forever
There has to be more to it!
There must be more to it! Right?
I want to make an impact!
Not just any impact
But a BIG BIG impact That’ll convince me
I did something good.
I helped someone, i fixed someone.
But in order to do that
I must fix myself.
Like i always say
Onward, Upward, Survival, and Growth ❤
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Non-Alcoholic Anonymous


Sometimes i don’t know what to do with myself!

I lack everything!









I try to make myself eat

but i cant, I’m not hungry.

I force myself to eat

because i know i have to, to live

and to stay healthy.

I feel like normal people in my state of mind, might just not eat.

But i know i have to, I’m well aware of whats going on.

I cant let my mind fool me.

I cant sink deeper into this illness.

I wont let it take me.

I don’t want to get sicker.

So i force myself to do things.

I struggle everyday, to remain healthy.

To pretend I’m healthy.

I just hit a low point.

I don’t know what triggered it, but its triggered.

When i hit a low

I don’t even know what the problem is.

I just know i hate life.

I know I’m sad.

If you asked me about what, i couldn’t tell you.

I barely think about the abuse

or my mothers death.

I just get depressed.

My mind is racing so hard right now

the only thing i can do is write.

I cant even think a thought.

This is crazy.

I’m crazy.

NO! I’m not crazy.

I’m just thinking differently.

I’m fine.

I’m fine.

I’m fine.


I’m drinking a cup of wine.

Its making me feel better.

The alcohol running through my veins, feels so good.

It feels so warm flowing through my body.

I’m sane now.

I’m thinking clearly.

But it shouldn’t have to resort that.

Why does alcohol have to be the answer to my problems ?

I’m not an alcoholic.

And i don’t need cups.

Just one cup of wine is good for me.

The warmth is like a comfort.

My mom is wrapping her arms around me

telling me “Everything is going to be okay.

Well get through this.”

And i believe it.

But, i have to have that cup.

I still feel sane.

I hope this last!

Please last.

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Live, Life, Breathe

I remember sitting in my bed wide awake most nights
Just staring at the ceiling
I’m convinced at one point i was severely depressed
Sometimes my depression would stoop so low that
I wouldn’t be able to move
You know that feeling when your awake but your still asleep
and your well aware whats going on around you
but your body isn’t responding
Well that’s how i felt
Practically every single night
My nights consisted of either
A) my good old friends cranberry and absolute
B) Tylenol PMs
LITERALLY those were the only ways to fall asleep
I got to the point that drinking felt pointless
and Tylenol seemed like a non existent substance to my body
I honestly needed to get out of the 6 year funk that i was in
and find a new more effective solution
and that was Writing
Seriously, we all know I’m not the best writer
but that’s what i did, i went out and brought a journal
Personally, i hate writing
I think its boring and stupid
but come to find out, it helped me express myself in a way
that i didn’t have to show emotion physically
I could let out all my emotions in this book
I could literally scream my feelings
and i wouldn’t be judged
but lets get real haha
Writing in that journal wasn’t enough for me
as much as i didn’t want to be judged
I also wanted to be heard
I want people to know there not the only ones
Maybe if someone else knows
I feel the same way
or we went through the same thing
That could be one more sigh of relief
or one less suicide
and that’s why i made this blog
Even if no ones reads this
I’m just proud of myself
that i could break out of this little shell i put myself into
and could express myself to the world
This blog has change my life
and i honestly think it has saved my life
I’m soo happy with life now
It feels so good not to have to cry myself to sleep
or constantly apologize to my husband for feeling like a failure 
Getting rid of my depression
Was seriously life changing
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