Crazy, Sexy, Cool….Scratch the last two, simply just Crazy!


Lately I’ve been feeling some sort of way.

I can’t even describe it, well beside saying the word…..ANXIETY.

But you guys hear that enough.

I constantly feel like throwing up. 

I can feel it intensifying.

My schedule has constantly been changing.

I’m slowly becoming detached and honestly don’t care.

But yet I care about everything

I’m over it…..!

I’m constantly filled with guilt.

Yet there’s nothing to confess.

I’m constantly paranoid.

Yet i know there’s nothing to worry about.

Why has my life gone in this direction?

Why am I letting it go in this direction?

I’m slowly going crazy, i’m completely losing my mind. 

I don’t show it, but I always feel it, in every bone in my body and every ounce of my soul.

I believe this will never end.

I refuse to come to terms with that.

My life isn’t bad, My heart knows that.

But when will my mind?


Hey everyone! i know i’m so random with the post lately, and when i say lately i really mean for like the last 3 years I’ve been writing haha! but I would really appreciate it if you guys would come like my crochet page on facebook, it would totally help me out bunches ;D please like and share, HEY! maybe even buy ;P  also follow me on instagram @cpaynelove…THANKS 😀

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