Mind Games


I feel like everyone thinks its a joke

How fast their life could be taken away…….

You can literally go to sleep and not wake up

You can be at a restaurant drinking a cup of tea and die

I feel like everything revolves around dying

I could go to sleep tonight and my kids never see me again

or never see one of my kids again

Am i the only person who realizes that?

Why is that not a concern to the rest of the world?

Does it take a close loved one to randomly die

to realize no one is safe?

Its so scary to think anything could happen

I feel like everyone is programmed to die at any moment

Life is a game of roulette.

now tell me….

Do you think you got lucky?!

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One thought on “Mind Games

  1. remanandhra says:

    There is a theory which explores this idea that everything revolves around death:

    It is also an important theme in existential philosophy like that of Soren Kierkegaard.

    One way to get along with it is ”unconditional celebration of life”. Another way is to think about yourself us lacking any essence so there is nothing you could lose or be afraid to lose, except some kind of hallucination that you are partial and exclusive instead of one with and undifferentiated from the universe. In this idea there is nothing special in anyone, just different temporal perspective so there is no need for any kind of salvation, only self-acceptance is what matters.

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