Short Sweet And Straight to the Point!

20000Sometimes I can’t believe I did that to myself
I put myself through so much pain for a man
It’s probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done
People truly do dumb things for love
I’m a living example
I chose pain, heartache, abuse
Just for love
And in return I not only lost love
But I lost myself
Losing myself was the biggest sacrifice ever!
Who knows when the hell I’ll even get it back
Sometimes I feel like I’m there
But not quite
And the days I feel closer
It all goes away with one single thought process, memory, trigger….WHATEVER!
Then I have to start over
 It’s like a maze
And I have no fucking clue how the fuck to get to the finish line
It’s the most frustrating thing ever
I can’t wait till this part of my life is over with
Can we just skip to the light at the end of the tunnel
You know the non anxiety one!


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One thought on “Short Sweet And Straight to the Point!

  1. Marcella Hunter says:

    I do relate all to well with where you are at. If it wasn’t a private hell, we might run into each other in one of those dark alleys. All I have is the hope that its gonna be okay. Without that “hope” I won’t make it. So I hope for myself and you also, that even now ( against all hope), “It’s gonna be okay” for both of us.

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