Crazy As They Come!



What is it ?

How can one control it!?

You can think positive

You can be positive

But in the end will you actually feel the positivity?

I think not!

I think positivity is a load of crap

Positivity comes

When positive things happen

You can breathe positivity

But when their is a negative outcome

Things aren’t less worst

Things don’t feel better

Things are harsher in sense

You trusted yourself

You trusted other people

You felt positive

so you believed it

I think back to when my mother died

Sitting in my living room

with 2 of my sisters

We thought positive when we got the phone call from my dad

we thought nothing of it

but after 3, 4 calls we found out she was gone

I was positive


and she’s still gone

I stay positive for my health everyday

Things will get better

I will get less angry

I will love myself

But each and everyday

Life fluctuates

Back and forth

Love, Hate, no emotions

Was I already born with this process in my head

Do events make this happen

is anybody else who feels this way

Just as curious ?

I feel like I’m abnormally curious

I wish I had the strength to research this

or even care

Because that’s exactly what

I don’t care anymore

I don’t have the strength to care anymore

Explaining myself

or any situation is pointless

I’m almost too tired to care

I rather be lazy

then think

What a crazy life I live…right???!!!


R.I.P Golden

You made my day shine

Up until the day you left us

I miss you

But Beethoven misses you the most


Oh yeahh and Happy 2yr wedding Anni to My husband and I today!!

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