Dont you Worry Bout A Thang


I cant believe how much I hate life sometimes

nothings wrong
I wanna get out of this rut
life is beautiful
I wanna spread love and joy and embrace my surroundings
its weird how the brain works
I often feel like I beat the system
until I have my down moments
its almost as if all good disappears
I cant understand it
and that’s why I hold on
I want to see how life pans out
there has to be a reason why I’m not completely insane
eventually I want to document all my thoughts and feelings
and stop this half ass shit
I don’t understand why I cant constantly love myself
the thing is
if I did constantly love myself
I would REALLY love myself
when I have up days
I get such a high on life
I love life
I love the people around me
I’m happy
I’m confident
I’m talkative
I actually have a personality
hahah….I actually havvvvvve a personality
I don’t even know who I am anymore
which is why I don’t post anymore
I’m so emotionless
that im laughing right now
the fact that I express no feelings gives me feeling
its so funny to me
someone as normal as I
is as crazy as they come
as cliché as it sounds
music feeds me
when I listen to the right song
at the right moment in time
I wish the feeling could be continuous
I feel all over the place today
I miss my best friend
I hate that we live so far
but when we meet
its as if nothings ever gone away
shes my person
and she’ll always be my person
shes great

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