Dazed And Confused


I’m lost
I no longer posses encouraging words
I’ve been blogging
But not posting
Nothing feels right anymore
I no longer feel comfortable
Opening my heart and soul
Life is like a breath of fresh air
Yet a dark clouded smoke at the same time
I can hardly breath
I’m so engulfed with flames of stress
And smoke of anger
I try to get through
It gets harder
I don’t see why
I have to be cursed like this
I’ve gotton off the right path
Im waiting for the next bus to serenity
Why can’t I feel that
I love to laugh
Its scary how much I love to laugh
But sometimes its so hard
I branch off from everyone
I disconnect from the world
Most people lash out when there in my position
I choose not to push the ones I love away
But yet I find myself
Doing that exact thing
I must be meant to be alone
Your probably laughing right now
Camille lonely
3 kids, a husband
I call bull!
But that’s exacting what I am
I’m walking holding someones hand
But carrying not only mine
But there weight
And that’s how I am for everyone
I need to care about myself more
I need to feel like I’m not bringing people down
I don’t want people to feel sorry for me
I want them to embrace my words
I want to feel like there’s people who think like me
I hate feeling out of place
But that’s what I am
Out of place
And confused

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