Embrace Thyself


I often wonder what creates my anxieties.
When and how do people get pushed to a breaking point ?!
And do I have one?!
I hope I don’t.
I’ve realized through my writings
I make my own inspiration.
I inspire myself to want do great things.
I often reread my old blogs
reminisce good days
and observe the bad.
It helps me keep in mind that I’m still here
Ive survived.
and ill keep surviving!
my illness can only last so long
and even if I feel sane for at least a good half hour
at least I know what it feels like to feel happiness.
What it feels like to laugh. 
At least my mind can let go for so long
to let me feel something.
And that’s what keeps me together.
I feel like I have a true purpose.
I have so much good in me that I want to spread to other people.
Growing up takes courage
and I feel like I have a whole lot of courage.
It takes strength to get through some of the bullshit I’ve been through
and I’m proud of that.
I need to start embracing the things I have survived.
I need to start embracing myself.
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