With Day Comes Night, and With Night Comes Headaches!


A late night drink
It feels like old times
Old friends meeting up
Wine is my friend
When my anxiety feels the need to visit
I hate this feeling I feel like a horrible person
I hate this jittery feeling
I don’t know what to do with myself
When did my life get like this
I feel like the world is ending
I have to psych myself out
Everything is fine
Everything will be okay
Yet everything is okayyy
What’s wrong with me
My husband will disagree with me
But I feel like everyone
Yesss I said everyone
Who’s been through a traumatic experience Feels the same way I do
Lost sad upset
I don’t even know what I feel anymore
But I do believe everyone who’s been through something
Feels like me
I felt like the strongest women in the world
Something actually traumatic happened to me
Yeahhh the ones around you may seem cocky
But do they really feel the way they say?
I know I don’t
Remember in the beginning of my blogs I tried to convince everyone I was perfect
Well if you’ve been following You can obviously see that was a lie
I realized it was time to open up
If only everybody would It feels so much better It gets me through the day
Knowing its not the end of the world
It may feel like the end of the world everyday
But I know its not
For the sheer fact that I know at least one person feels the way I do
I wish more people would open there eyes and realize things aren’t perfect for everyone
I often dream of a perfect life for me
One that includes my mother
One that includes people that understand where I come from
Its weird how things sneak up on you
My abusive relationship
Yeahh I didn’t think much of it when I got out of it
But now it affects me majorly
My mothers death Didn’t really affect me then
But now it consumes me
My fathers drug addiction and absence in my life
I pretend its alright
But he’s the only parent I have
I want to have a parent
But yet someone like him in my life isn’t worth it
You shouldn’t have to work to have someone
Who’s suppose to love you to stay in your life
I was closet to my dad
But it shouldn’t of felt like I was in an abusive relationship again
I can barely sleep again
I don’t know why
But I hate lying awake at night
Its the worst
It gives me extra time to think
And you all know I hate thinking
Thinking leads to drinking ;D
Okay that rhymed
 I’m a cornball Get over it!
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