Happy Wife, Happy Life! Pshh…How Bout, Dysfuctional Wife, Dysfunctional Life!

0000zzzzI had an out of body experience the other day.
It was as if I was back inside my 16 year old self.
I heard him running down the stairs.
I watched him charge at me.
I was physically and mentally trembling
In fear of my life.
I couldn’t bring myself to turn around.
I thought he was behind me.
I was convinced he was gonna hurt me
Even worst kill me.
I imagined him holding a gun to my head.
And all I could think was
“Pull the trigger
Get it over with already!”
I turned around.
He wasn’t there.
I saw a hand reach next me.
I flinched.
I closed my eyes as hard as I could.
Then opened them.
I turned around.
He wasn’t there.
I finally heard the sound of chris’ voice in the distance.
“Are you okay Camille?”
I was speechless.
I’ve never felt this feeling before.
It wasn’t a dream but yet I was reliving
My horrid past.
I’ve never been so terrified!
Now I remember
Why I left.
I can’t imagine being in contact with such evil
Ever again in my life!
I’m screwed up!
I’m the dysfunctional wife
you grow to regret.
You can never love someone like me

0000zzzzzzzI LOVE my kiddies ❤

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