Make Yourself Comfortable, No Seriously….Do it!


So you guys should know me pretty well by now.
I don’t really go out of my way to tare someone apart.
I kinda just express how I’m feeling then move on my way.
But right now, I’m about to sock it to ya!
I have never hated/disliked someone so much in my life.
My sons Father is the scum of the earth.
Hes right up there with my dad and the devil.
After 6 years why am i still being threatened?
You know that letter i told you he wrote me last week?
Ok i don’t think i told you, but he did write me.
And i responded with long story short, “Javons not going to visit you in jail anymore”
At first i didn’t have him going to much this year because hes in school now.
I guess my warning wasn’t good enough and got turned into
“Camille how are you so evil?”
“Camille is this punishment?”
Camille you need to find god!”
Well yesterday i got a response letter
And let me tell you
I was a little bitch and cried.
I’m legit scared for my life, once again.
I shouldve never ever let javon go and see him all these years.
Even after the abuse i still had a heart.
But yet im the evil one.
I’m going to post the letter
Actually im going to post the whole situation.
So you can see the whole story and where im coming from.
This wouldn’t be my first time posting a letter from him
But yet i almost feel like I’m invading HIS privacy
Then again hes in jail, so theres no such thing as privacy.
I’m angry, annoyed, confused.
When will i be able to live a normal life.
I don’t want to grow up around violence anymore.
Lets hope you guys can read it
Cause i have no clue how to interpret it
{I’m interpreting it as a threat}
But i don’t know what to do
Thoughts? Advice? pleassse!
[So you guys know this all started because i refuse to let my son go like 3hrs away to a jail because he has school the next day, NOT because i dont want him going, which personally i hate it and dont want him to ever go…but i do usually let him go, this was solely for his education]
This is my response to his mom to send to him.
I will note Ive never responded to him before but this letter really ticked me off
“hey pgshf i was wondering if you can send justin a little message….im not trying to be rude but i just got real aggravated, i got his letter today, it was filled with bullshit….tell him that i dont care that he found god and what not its all bullshit to me, first of all he needs to stop bashing chris, i dont know if hes told me but there are times that i have picked up his calls and he has said some rude things to me, im not the one who put him in jail…i dont have to answer his calls or to him, 2nd he needs to get over the fact that javon hasnt been there, i care about javons education more and in any normal situation any other women wouldnt be letting there child go see an abusive asshole like him….i dont care how he is now but he use to beat the shit out of me, call me names, put guns to my head, drag me by my hair and you know many more things cause you were there so you should know…he needs to stop pretending it didnt happen cause it did and he knows that it has messed me up, im suffering from depression, anxiety, and ptsd from him…i have to see a fucking physcietrist because of his ass….3rd of all he needs to stop trying put words in my mouth, i have never trashed talked him to anyone “apparently amy” i have neevr said he was dead or what not, i dont care about him theres no need to talk about him and he already knows why i dont pick up his calls because my physcietrist told me not to…also i am gonna address that javons not going there anymore, supposibly justin wants to talk shit and still put me down so im over that i dont need javon traumatized for life because hes going up to the jail, since justin is apparently getting out tell him he can see javon then, and when that time comes tell him he better get a court order cause he has never tried to be javons father he has been out of javons life since he was 3 months old and even when he was with javon he wasnt and wanted nothing to do with him beside beat me up…he put this on himself also tell him i will be looking into getting javon adopted by chris since ive “so-called” already tried to do it…oh and he also said that i treat you like shit which i dont think i do, ive never done anything to anybody and mind my own business, what he needs to do is fucking appreciate shit because if i was a real black bitch i wouldve cut everyone out my life years ago but i havent but tell him hes officially cut off, im done with his bullshit…sorry about the rant but justin needs to be tested for crazy, I don’t know what he tries to tell everyone but in this letter he tries to make me out as something evil telling me I need to find god…I don’t need to find anyone but myself but thanks to him I can never have a normal life and I’m trying all I want is what’s best for my kids myself and my whole family and its not him as much as he thinks he’s gonna come out here and claim javon as his son is total bullcrap to me…if he wanted javon in his life so bad he would’ve treated me better and not get caught up in bullshit and continue to cause bullshit….idk understand why he thinks its ok to continue to bully me, I’ve never did anything to him….I don’t need to forgive him and I don’t plan on it what he should’ve did was just keep his mouth shut and be happy I was letting javon go there but the constant bashing through letters and phone calls stop now, I’m sorry…you can still see javon but javon going to see justin is out of the question now…I’m tired of constantly being somewhat told I’m the spawn of saten I have my mothers heart not my fathers soul and he should’ve appreciated that but I’m just tired I need him out of my life if I’m going to heal. Also tell him I did contact amy and I asked her if he was lying or not I don’t care if she said yes or no I just wanna know the truth and see if he’s trying to instigate shit….tell him to get a life and bother someone else”
Ok, i know its a lot to read but bare with me…if you have to do so  later on come back and finish….if not grab some popcorn, pull up a chair..make some tea, do something, sit back relax absorb, The infamous response!!!!!
And thats it! i know i shouldve just never responded to him
I let my anger get to me.
Im just tired of being pushed around
and stepped on.
But i guess thats the way i should leave things.
Contantly letting things build up.
Let my anger Grow and Flourish.
I just dont understand what i did wrong.
For people to treat me the way i do.
I dont bother anyone :/
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