Fuck Forgiveness and Fuck You!!!


I haven’t blogged for a while
Please forgive me.
Me and Chris have been oobber busy
with grown up stuff blahh
I hate being a grown up!
Anyways recently i have received
a letter from my sons father
and let me tell you
It was fucking bullshit!!!
Apparently, i need to find god.
And not only do i need to find god
but i need to get over everything that’s happened
and forgive him.
Because when he “gets out” of jail.
[you see my sarcasm there?? haha]
Hes gonna be javons father
and apparently hes a better father then Chris, always has
and always will be!
The funny thing is, I’ve never seen Justin
try or attempt to be javons dad.
Even when he was out of jail
and i left him when javon was 3 months old
There was no attemption then either.
Sad thing, no matter how abusive he was
and hurtful
Back when i left him.
I still thought there was hope for us.
But I’m fucking ecstatic
I let that go!
Ive never fucking hated someone so much in my life.
I’m not one to really bash anyone
But I’m just tired
all he does is bash me to this day.
I’m not even with him anymore
and hes in jail
And he still finds ways to piss me off
It makes no sense.
Get a fucking life !!!!
I know I’ve been trying to.
Its hard to get over something that traumatic.
But I’m trying.
Really really trying!
I wish he would stop acting like he cares about javon
and move on.
The only real reason he cares
is because he has nothing better then to
“TRY” and make himself look good.
Like hes a great citizen to society.
Hes not and i hope he never convinces
ANYBODY that he is.
Hes the scum of the earth.
And i hope he rots in jail then in hell!
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