Wishy Washy


Nothing seems to help anymore
I’m too far in
Is this payback For all the mistakes I’ve made?
I know things should fall into place
But I’m tired of waiting
I can’t see myself feeling this way any longer
I’m 22 and I already feel so weak
Defeated by life
I’m not even a quarter century
And already have so much going on
Too much
I need to get better already
I can’t wait to blog about happy times
I miss my happy blogs
I feel like a let down
I convinced you guys I was perfect
And perfect I’m not
I forget how life feels
Real life
One with a smile
One with legit Feeling, emotion,  you know…true feelings
Of love and happiness
I want joy for myself
For my kids
I’m tired of hiding behind a smile
A fake one at that
There’s a whole lot of nothing Wrong with me
I need correction
Something…. I need a redo
Same scenarios
Better choices
I’m stronger then i think
Cause if i wasn’t
I would’ve stopped pouring my heart out
months ago !!
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