Whats Your Biggest Fear?!

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000dMe and Chris were talking about fears tonight

Of course he gave me the normal bullshit

Any guy would give

And he stated that he has no fears

Well….that he could think of

But I have a list of fears

And right now I’m going to grow some balls

And tell you

Don’t judge me I know most of you won’t

Cause like I say

Your not alone

Were not alone

But here goes

I fear death

Death of loved ones

Death of myself

My children growing up without a mother

Death of my husband leaving me alone with 3 kids

Death of my husband and I leaving my kids alone

I fear addiction

I fear becoming like my parents

I fear solving my problems with medication

I’ve avoided it so long Because of this fear

I don’t want to rely on anything but myself

I fear cancer

I’ve seen too many people deteriorate before my eyes

I fear self harm

I fear being judged for what I’m going through

I hate putting myself out there

But I choose to with this blog

I fear not meeting my own personal expectations

As a person, mother, sister,granddaughter, wife…etc

I fear after life

I fear Chris leaving me

Cheating on me

Loving someone else

I fear growing up the way I grew up

I fear people

I fear my illness will get worst

And most of all I fear life

Living past my time

Watching loved ones die around me

I’m pretty sure there’s more, and i could go one for days

But I’m not.

But have you ever thought about it?

Whats your fear exactly?!

Maybe sharing it with someone it would help a lot.

I know talking to Chris about it last night helped me.

I’m not one to express myself

But I’ve noticed I’ve been opening up to him a lot

And it feels good!


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