Creature, Creature, Go away!

I’m starting to feel like a dream
I know that makes no sense
My life of living feels
Like nothing is real anymore
Day by day the same old shit
Nothing new
I wake up
And wait to fall asleep
Just to do it over and over
I feel like since my mother has died
I’ve just been dreaming
I’m still dreaming
I’m physically a dream
I’m ready to wake up
And live life
I’m tired of sitting and thinking all day
My anxiety flows through my bones
Tears stream down my face
Anger fills my heart
I’m no longer Camille
I’m some evil horrid creature
I hate this person I have become
But nothing ever goes my way
Why would it?
Only good things happen to bad people.
Its impossible to rid the good from my heart.
It over powers this….this thing.
Which i am thankful for.

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