NIghtmare On Payne Street


If you guys ever feel like I’m being repetitive

Please tell me to stop

I bet your bored hearing about my mom

My abusive relationship

And being a military wife


Cold hearted

Manipulative bitch

I feel like that’s all I’ve been writing about lately

I need to start writing about the positives again

Thinking now

In this groggy state

My life is perrrrrrrrfect

Absolutely perfect

I wouldn’t want it any other way

I have the perfect kids

Ideal husband

But the past is what haunts me

I have to let it go

I have to let it go like 4 years ago

I can’t let life bring me down

Ruin my life

Its funny how nightmares can leave such an impression

but dreams only last so long

I think that’s what my problem is

I feel like my whole life is one big Nightmare/dream

98% of the time everything goes good [the dream]

But then that horrible horrible shitty 2% [the nightmare]

Sticks to me like a Payne in my ass!

[haha you see what i did there ;D]

When i have nightmares

they go that extra mile

and scar me for fucking life!

I’m tired of saying i have to better myself!

Theres only so far i can go.

I’m a good person

and that’s good enough for me.

Karma just hits me for some reason.

I crack a small fucking joke

and i grow a fucking stretch mark !!

Fucking Bullshit!


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