Bitch [Anxiety] Pleassssssseeee!!!


I’m having some anxiety right now

I’m thinking back to when i was being positive

when i told you guys i was healthy

when you guys realized i wasn’t who you thought i was

and now I’m like

“where did that go?”

where did that positivity come from?

i feel bad for lying, giving advice

saying things are good

“If i can get through it

so can you!”

but in reality

I’m not through it

I’m just starting

I’m not even close to being done

and that’s what scares me

i hope nobody i know

[or just people in general]

don’t have to feel what i feel everyday

i hate struggling

its getting hard, almost not worth it

but i know its very worth it

and that’s why I’m here today

spreading shit

you know awareness

i wish i was more inspiring

i wish i wasn’t socially awkward

and could put myself out there

i wish i was a better person

and could better the world

I want to just live

Not care about things going on around me.

Little stresses feel like huge obstacles to me!

I know there small.

But my brain doesn’t comprehend it.

I want my brain to realize

i cant always make mountains out of mole hills.

Because that’s all they are.

Things i should be able to sweep under the rug.

Some people have it worst then me.

what happened in the past

The abuse

My mothers death

It happened.

Its over with.

I cant go back.

I need to get over it!

Live my life.

And make my family happy.

I think alcohol should be boycotted ;D

Anyways just sit here and enjoy my

beautiful children :]


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