Bright Days Restless Night

Its weird how I could just live without her.

My hearts sinks every time

My brain reminds it, I have lost my mother.

I feel kinda trapped.

I have good days

But mostly bad

I wake up believing she’s alive

And fall asleep realizing she’s dead

There’s no happy place for me

It used to be in her arms

Warm and snug

Now I have no comfort

I wanna talk to her

Confide in her

I wanna ask her how to deal with death

She was my first real loss

Ill never be able to look at death in any other way

I’m traumatized

I had nothing to build up to, nor prepare me

I feel lost

And alone

Yess I keep repeating BITTER

But that’s what I am

Its the only way I can describe my heart

I wanna hide from the world everybody EVERYONE!

I deserve peace

I’m tired of reliving tragedies

Over in my mind

I want to cry right now

But I’m not

I know I’m stronger then that

Even though I’m not at peace

I wanna fool the rest of the world that I am

Oh, please tell me i fooled ya!

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