Bitter Turkey

I wanna cuddle with my mommy

So very bad

I want her with me

Right this second

Its the 4th year this year

Since her passing

I just want her to come home to me

It never gets easier

You can only forget for so long

I hate having to remind myself everyday That she’s gone

I hate this

The sadness of her passing

Pierces my soul

I constantly feel cold

I’m so bitter around this time of year

My anger takes over

And you better pray you don’t get into its path

I hate the holidays

Today is thanksgiving

And do you know what I’m thankful for?


Bring my mother back

And maybe ill show some appreciation.

I have nothing going for me without her

Completely nothing !


ok confession, i wrote this a couple of days ago obvi on thanksgiving.

I reread this and i believe its a good blog, but its an anxiety blog.

I will admit I AM thankful for a lot!

My kids

My husband being home.

My family.

My friend

[yes i just literally put friend as in the single form cause i apparently have 1 friend]

[[which I’m totally ok with haha]]

and I’m thankful for my health

I may not be sane mentally

But I’m happy I’m healthy physically

[well as far as i know]

I know I’m a bitter person

But that’s not who i am

I’m trying to change!

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