Shape Shifter

I hate feeling uncomfortable
I feel uncomfortable everyday
Just living life
Doing normal things
Being around normal people
I hate being in rooms with people
Its not just because i hate people in general
People just give me major anxiety
and i think that’s why i mostly hate them.
Its not because your all secretly mean
with your fake cheesy ass smiles and fake ass personalities
[yes, i know EVERYBODY fakes EVERYTHING, when
i speak i know everyone has to be like “Da’Fuck is wrong with you”
because i do the same fucking shit]
And i hate how people only think of how situations will only effect them
and not other people
It disgust me
Yes, we live in a world when your forced to fend for yourself
but it would be nice if other people took other feelings
into consideration sometimes.
I’m so bitter
Bitter, Bitter, Bitter
I’m so cold sometimes
and i wish i could express my true feelings
But i unlike some others
Take peoples feelings into consideration
As much as i wanna say screw you
I cant
But trust me i want to
You don’t care about me….
Why should i for you ?

okkk, im totally gonna brag about my life in photobomb form 😀

My sexy wonderful husband
he’s such a natural when it comes to taking pictures
I didn’t even have to ask him to pose like 80 times ;D
Javon and Ryleigh and Sienna
Hopefully my kids made your day cause they always make mine
Brand new fucking car!! Yay!!
And last but not least my husband poured this for me.
I stared at it for 5 minutes.
Took a random picture.
Then poured it down the sink.
I call that accomplishment 😀
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