With Liberty and Justice for Me!!!!!

I love the hope I have
With life ya know
I truly sense a change
Only problem
I don’t truly believe in them
Without my mother
I don’t want Change
Or peace
If my mother isn’t physically here
I want her to witness me grow up
My children
See my happiness in life
All fears and cares would all disappear
If I could have this one thing
But then again
If she were alive
My fears and cares
Would be different
My priorities
My morals, goals, wants, needs, dreams LIFE!
What would’ve my life became?
I don’t think I wanna know
Or even care
I’m happy with who I am
Scratch that not happy
Yes, I want to be fully satisfied
And joyous
But let’s get real
No one is perfect
Or completely happy
We all have faults
Whether its a lot or just a smidgen
It makes us who we are
And I’m happy with who i am
My faults make me more aware of reality
I like living in reality Makes me feel one step ahead Of you normies
living life in a party cloud
I was never invited to the party
And if I was
Id gladly decline
Reality is what I’m good at
Yeahh it gives me horrible anxiety
But ill deal
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