Suck On That Deployment!


My Happily Ever After

[Yes, i know I’m a cornball…but he’s worthy of it]

So it feels so good to have Chris back!

Yes! you read that right

Hes freaking back!!!

I’m so happy my feelings are unbearable to control!

i feel like sometimes i forget how much i love him.

The distance forces me to distant my emotions.

But i think Ive always been that way.

Ive always been so independent when it comes to guys

I do my own thing and i let them do theres

as long as i know hes coming home to me I’m fine.

I think I’m like that so when they leave me

Its not as hard

Its sad old habits never die!

I’m married now

I should be clingy as fuck for like the first 2 years haha

I’m not gonna lie though

This deployment was hard

but i kicked its ass

I’m convinced!

It honestly went super super fast

thinking back

This year is just one big giant freaking blurr.

I say i would do it again

But I’m just ecstatic to have him back for now

and I’m going to soak in every minute i have with him until he gets a job.

I love him so much!

Hes truly the love of my life!!

My mother would be so proud

I think she would adore the fuck out of him!

and our kids.

This deployment would’ve been so much easier with her help and guidance

Which my grandmother [my mothers mom]

filled that position.

She used to be kinda stand offish to me and my sisters

No emotion

Never expressed her love

But once my mother died, i think she cherishes us more.

I love her this way

She the best grandmother in the whole entire world

I just wish i could have it both ways

My loving grandmother and my amazing big hearted mother

Unfortunately i guess that sounds too good to be true for my life.

I can never have anything good

I’m surprised Chris has even stuck around this long.

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One thought on “Suck On That Deployment!

  1. salena2012 says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I think you deserve some recognition on your awesome blog. 🙂

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