Bitch Say….WhaaaOblivious?!

Your oblivious to life

Your surroundings

To people

You wanna see the good

Your convinced there’s good in this world

You don’t wanna feel used or abused

Which really confuses me

Because you are

You may not see it now

But you are, you just can’t see it

Its like an invisible bubble

And it keeps expanding Soon it’ll pop!

And the motive will be shown

I hate when people ignore you till there’s a purpose

There should always be a purpose

My love, our relationship, or friendship

Should be the purpose.

Its a blessing and a curse I was brought up with such a cold hearted soul

That’s filled with a secret pocket of compassion, sympathy, and love

I let it be shown to those who deserve it

But if you screw me over

Bet your bottom dollar that ill cut you off in a heartbeat

I don’t care who you are Trust me

I haven’t spoken or even looked at my father in a year

And do you know what It feels good

I have no stress over it

My suggestion is cut anyone off that uses you

Picks and chooses

when to be your father, mother, brother,sister, family, or friend

I know its hard

But its not worth The heartache you receive when you open your eyes

And realize they don’t really care

Your there backup and always will be

Its heartbreaking But I guarantee they’ll get over it

And move on to the next!

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