Vote for Sanity not Equality

Why do people feel the need to out do other people?

I’m noticing some people make life struggles

into some sort of competition!

I have more anxiety then you!

I’m more depressed!

If your pregnant, I’m gonna be pregnant to!

Your a cutter?

Well I’m a cutter and throw up after all my meals 😀

[so people no, i do not cut myself or throw up so don’t get any ideas]

and don’t even let me get started on military wives haha

but those are just a couple of examples

I can also throw in abuse

Being poor

Growing up an orphan

Deaths in the family

Being fat

Being too skinny

Eating disorders

Personality disorders

and so on

but that would make this blog, really long

and i don’t want people disinterested in what i have to say!

I just don’t get it.

Me, myself am worrying about my own problems

with anxiety and depression having 3 kids and a deployed husband

and who knows

theres probably some other fucked up shit going on in my head

that i block out!

But anyways where I’m really going with this.

In order to get healthy

You have to focus on your self.

and only yourself.

Comparing yourself to other people

in similar situations

is probably only gonna bring you more down

I’ve noticed some people like the little extra attention

for whatever reason.

But you need to realize, everyone of these situations

are very serious!

It shouldn’t matter who has it worst or what not

what matters

is feeling better about yourself

and getting through life

one day at a time

as sane as you can be

at least i know that’s my goal!

now whats yours?

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2 thoughts on “Vote for Sanity not Equality

  1. Paula says:

    Absolutely! Pain and suffering and heartache are all relative. Focus on you, you, you, to get through. Otherwise, you’ll remain in the cesspool of suffering because you think you might not have it so bad because that person over there seems to have it worse. It’s bad to you, so deal with it and start loving and liking yourself. (Your post made me laugh, BTW.) 🙂

    • cpaynelove says:

      haha thanks, i really try to make these situations somewhat entertaining to make things seem a tad bit better, laughing at things can sometimes feel much better then crying! ive noticed ive distanced myself from people who talk to me about there problems, theres not much advice i can give, if i cant even follow it myself. The only advice i can follow is focus on yourself…easier said then done!

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