Unhappy Anniversary

I remember when i first laid eyes on you.

While you were sleepin in the back of the classroom

I knew there was something amazing about you.

You were cute and mysterious

I wanted to know everything abou you!

You wanted nothing to do with me

You clearly turned me down like what? 4 or 5 times?

but that didnt stop me!

I wouldnt give up

I wanted you.

And im happy i persisted to persue you.

Your the man of my dreams

I love you and i need you.

You’ve made my life worth while.

Youve changed things for me.

For the better.

Your my heart, my soul.

Im so happy i could fall so madly deeply in love with someone

and them feel the same for me.

Thank you for being that guy!

That guy i could turn to no matter what!

That guy i can wake up to every morning!

That guy who can make me cheese smile so hard my dimples show!

and thank you for being that guy

I could say YES! to rather then i do!

i love you so so so very much

You’ve finally gained all for chambers of my heart

1 year ago yesterday ❤


&now your my baby for life!

For Eternity, For A Lifetime, Forever ❤


So yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary.

I dont have much to say about it

It was depressing.

really depressing!

To the point i forgot what day it even was!

On a brighter note, at least i spent it with my best friend.

*Sighh* i wish my husband was home already :/

Sorry i dont have this big giant story to tell.

Just come home already baby!!!!!!!!!!!

First Picture we ever took about 4 years ago today

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