So ive been thinking about my past lately
And this thought just came to my mind
Remember the time i asked you what your real age was?
Remember your response?
Cause i do
You threw me outside in the snow
With booty shorts,a tank top and you took my socks
At 4 in the morning
I waited outside for an hour
All you could do is laugh
It was a simple question, that had a simple answer
Why did everything have to resort to torture and pain
I didnt understand
You let me back inside after an hour and a half
You punched me and told me to never ask that question again
Why was that question so hard
Did you think i would leave, cause you were older then what you said
Wouldnt you think i would leave for all the pain you put me threw
Answering how old you were was the least of our problems
But who has the last laugh now!

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