To WhomThis May Concern

so this concerns a certain person [that’s not my husband]
which is kinda awkward now that i think of it but whatever
anyways i just want this person to know
that I’m very thankful you were in my life at one point
you started off as my best friend
which then evolved into a relationship
that i don’t regret one bit
you literally opened my eyes and made me realize
not all guys are the same
after being in an abusive relationship
it was really hard to trust again
i didn’t think it was possible to meet someone so honest and so caring
and especially someone who could accept my son too
but you did
and i want to thank you for opening my eyes
because without you i don’t think i would’ve loved again
or accepted another man in my life
Unfortunately our break up was horrible
and we don’t talk anymore
but i want you to know you’ve made a huge impact on my life
whether you know it or not
I’m madly truly DEEPLY in love with my husband
and i feel like god put you in my path
to prove that i should give people a chance and have faith
Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

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