There’s strong, There’s Army Strong, THEN there’s ARMY WIFE STRONG!

So I’m gonna cut straight to the point and say
Anybody who has, is, or will be going through a deployment must know
[or already knows]
the week before r&r is the hardest
LITERALLY! my anxiety is so horrible lately
I’m counting down the days
and it feels like time is going so sloooooow!
Everything in the world is annoying to me at this point
and on top of that I’m a big planner
and the process of not knowing when I’m going to go into labor is killing me
SERIOUSLY! everything is happening all at once
I’m gonna see my husband, were going to meet out new baby
then after 2 weeks its Sayonara Chris for another couple of months
See this is where my over thinking comes in
I’m not even focusing on the main event here
I’m finally going to see my husband after 8 months
and all i can think about is him leaving again
Which brings me back to my anxiety
Yes! i know I can handle his departure again
I believe I’M strong in that sense
but I’m dreading when my kids realize he’s gone
My daughter i may not have to worry about so much since she’s only 1 and a half
but my son is almost 6 and he’s clearly aware of whats going on
He misses his daddy so much and he reminds me everyday
it honestly breaks my heart to see my kids sad
but I’m hoping things go smoother then i think they will
Because taking care of 2 kids by myself is hard enough
that I’m so nervous AND anxious to see how it will be with all three
i truly believe god put me on this earth to be a wonderful mother
and that’s what i plan on being
i cant imagine what i would be doing with my life if i didn’t have my kids
they mean the world to me
and there smiles just take my breath away
I would literally, LITERALLY do anything for my children
and i wouldn’t have it any other way
If my kids are happy, then I’m happy
and I’m so excited to see there smiling faces
when they finally see there daddy in person
the funny thing is
they don’t even know he’s coming home
so it’ll be a great surprise
Even though ill be spending quality time with my husband
I still plan on blogging to keep everyone updated
on how amazing our time was together !!
If i don’t then when he leaves ill defiantly blog about our events
and for the people who don’t live the military lifestyle
Enjoy your significant others for us military gals
yeah you guys may fight and secretly hate each other
but in the end
when there gone
for work, school, hanging out with friends
i guarantee you miss the crap out of them
now take those couple of hours you miss them
and complain about them being gone
and times it by days, weeks, even months
That’s what we deal with
and you should learn to appreciate what you have when you have it.
Because some people aren’t as fortunate as most
keep that in mind ;D

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