Superwoman, Im Not!

So its times like this when i get to a low point
That my past comes back to haunt me
Its been almost 4 years
When will i ever feel okay again?
Does this pain in my heart ever go away?
Its been almost 6 years
When will i ever feel okay again?
Can i please stop reviewing these horrible abusive flashbacks in my head?
Why must these events be something people must learn to deal with?
Why cant they just happen
Then disappear
I don’t want to forget the memory of my mother
But i do want to feel better
The hurt never goes away
and of course we all know
I don’t give 2 shits about my sons father
and i just wish that whole situation could disappear all together
Its crazy how one person can just fuck with your mind and not even be around
Strange thing is
I haven’t made a blog post like this in months
I must be going crazy
I suggest no one ever take advice from me ever again!
i don’t know what for, just give it!
Inspire me!
Tell me things get better!
Make me feel like i can conquer the world again.
Cause right now, i feel far from that.
One thing i don’t want to hear is I’m strong, I’m not strong…I’m human. I deal with things just like everybody else does….yes I’ve been through shit and I’m convinced at one point, i was bad ass and felt like i could get through anything. But once you finally get to a point of normalcy in your life difficult situations just seem difficult. Deployment is almost over which means my normal is almost home, I’m just ready to have my life back!
Ignore my rants!
I just needed to vent!
thank you for reading
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