Such a Tease

ohhh!! R&R how i love thee

and depise thee at the same time!
okay so i love that my husband is home
but now heres the annoying thing
the second i saw his face all i could think about
is him leaving in 2 weeks
its the most depressing feeling everrr!!
i should be enjoying my time with him
which i am BUT
im still constantly thinking
why is time flying!!
i dont want him to leave me again!!
and since i had the baby before he came home
[4 days to be exact -__-]
Chris and i are currently running on no sleep!
so the time we were able to spend together at one point when we just had 2 kids
is being spent on shift sleeping haha
anyways the point of this blog was to pretty much
get rid of some unnessacery anixiety
theres really no moral to it
or words of wisdom
but enjoy your day!
i know i will as long as my husband is involved ;D

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