Someone Call Maury

If i wasnt good enough, why’d you make me stay
Nobody should ever be treated that way
The way you pushed me around and made me feel worthless
Was it really worth it?
My heart was tormented and tortured for over a year
But i stayed, through all the lies and abuse
And yet all the pain i went through
Why did I think it was worth it?
Looking back now, it all seems like a blurr
But yet my heart is still tramatized with pain
It definantly wasn’t worth it!
At 15 you shouldn”t be thinking about death
                    BUT I WAS!
Sometimes it was about mine
But i was mostly thinking about yours
It was you or me
All the pain i endured for a year
It built up inside
Everytime you put that gun to my head
It built up inside
The beatings and name calling
It built up inside
I knew one day i’d SNAPP
Lucky for you
Im not the spawn of saten
I dont TORTURE people till they feel worthless
I, unlike you have a heart
And to me, thats definantly WORTH IT!

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