Show your Appreciation Today, I know i Would

Sorry to get all emo on you guys today
but this morning i woke up
wanting to call my mom
The thing is i was so gung ho about the situation
till i remembered my mother isn’t here
and she never will be ever again!
That’s honestly the worst feeling in the world
Strange thing is this happens to me often
Sometimes i even convince myself that shes really alive
but just ran off somewhere to get away from my shit bag father
Unfortunately that’s not the case
*sigh* i just really really miss her
No one should ever have to go through the lost of there mother at a young age
[nor ever]
but i feel like i lost my mother when i needed her most
at the peak of learning new things
like how to live a productive adult life
Obviously I’m learning these things partially on my own now
and I’m happy to say
at least i still have my grandmother and i have my mother in law
which they both have been huge inspirations in my life
and i really appreciate it
but like i said, theres nothing like that phone call to mom
So i think everyone who reads this
should show there mothers a little extra attention today
Bug her, and constantly tell her you love her
Give her hugs and kisses till she wants to punch you
Even write a random letter to her
to show your appreciation and express how great of a person she is
Please do because you never know if today’s going to be the last day your able to
Trust me i wish i could and did
if i knew my mom was going to die
maybe i couldve did things a lot different
maybe i couldve shown some emotion
and maybe i would feel more at peace with her passing, then i do now
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