R&R can Suck it

So i pretty much
okk, i lied i didn’t hate it
but i definanlty could’ve done without it.
It was the biggest tease EVER!
I would describe how r&r felt
But, the way i describe it is kinda rated xxx.
and I’m pretty sure when i said xxx rated
you probably thought of something gross!
if you did, then that was what r&r felt like.
Anyways today Chris went back to assfuckistan
and it was so emotional for everyone
I tried to grow a pair, and not cry
but the second he said his goodbyes to the kids
i couldn’t help but break down.
Well i didn’t really breakdown, maybe i shed a tear and a half.
like literally i shed 1 tear and a half
i didn’t wanna make things harder for Chris
but i couldn’t help it.
Honestly i think being a military wife is one of the hardest things ever
especially when theres kids involved
But in general it is one of the hardest things ever.
The more i venture into this whole
“military life” thing
the more i appreciate my husband
and the things he does.
Yes he sucks at cleaning
and closing cabinets
and listening
and planning things
and he’s not very handy!!
BUT…he is a great husband and does a whole lot for his family
and loves us with every ounce of love anybody could give!
Anyways I’m sorry that I’ve been getting kinda soft lately
and haven’t had any blogs with morals
or words of wisdom
but I’m convinced since r&r has passed i will get back
to the sobby annoying stuff about life 😀

by the way, if you haven’t heard
having three kids is fucking crazzzzyyyyy!!!

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