Pregnant Teenage Rage

Sitting here
Thinking about High school
Thinking about being a pregnant teen
Thinking about all the assholes who were in my school
Its crazy
i got pregnant in the beginning of 10th grade
and of course back then, there weren’t many people who were pregnant
there was probably 3 or 4 other people pregnant at the time [who knows there could be more]
and for some reason i felt like i was the scandal
I’m not saying its not a serious matter
being pregnant that young.
and I’m not saying i was the only one
but it felt like i got all the backlash of it
was it because i was quiet?
was it because of who the father was?
or was it because i wasn’t a freaking pregnant contortionist
and wasn’t good at hiding it?
i don’t know
but all i know is, you shouldn’t judge people in certain situations
you don’t know there story
even if your best friends with that person
you still don’t know there story
and you certainly don’t know the kind of relationship there in
so with that said:
The people who called me a slut
The girl who punched me in the stomach
because she wanted to know if the rumors were true
The boy who tried to trip me down the hallway for about 5 minutes
The people who clearly CLEARLY disliked me in school
but once i popped out my wonderful son
magically wanted everything to do with me
And a big FUCK YOU to my sons father
for holding me back a grade
YUP you read that right, my sons father is the reason
i didn’t go back to school for 11th grade
it wasn’t because i was ashamed
or scared, or felt like a loser because i had a baby
but its because i was in an
so next time you want to judge someone
in a certain situation
you should find out there story first!
with real facts!
until then
shut your mouth
because in the end, i guarantee you’ll feel and look
like the asshole

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