Laying Down on The Job?!

As I lay here
Practically lifeless
No not lifeless, drained
Of all emotions
Of all thoughts
I can’t even cry anymore
I just lay here
Wait! Not drained, exhausted
From life
From stress
From lack of emotion
Why can’t I cry anymore
Is it possible to loose your personality
If so, where can I get a new one?
I’m tired of lying here
It’s dark, and it’s cold
The only warmth I have
Are of distant memories
How can people live like this?
Lifeless, drained, and exhausted
Why would I want to get used to this feeling?
I’m ready to be free!
I’m ready to smile!
I’m ready to live life!
The question is, where do I start?
How do I start?
Maybe if I lay here and think
No not lay, sit
Things will look a lot clearer
Less distant
I’m ready to live!
So as I sit here and think
Wait! Not sit, stand
I realize life, isn’t as bad as I think
Im the reason i feel
And lifeless
Im to blame for my
And lack of emotion
As I stand here and think
No! Not stand, walk
I realize I can make a difference
It just all relies on me
To make the effort
For change

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