Javon Jaylyn <3

you may not know nor never know the impact you’e made on my

in the 5 1/2 years you’ve been with

you’ve been one of the most important people ive ever

yess your just a child
yess you
have a sister

and yess i love you both the same
but the significance you have on my life
is the fact that you gave me life
the reason i am literally breathing today

being a teenage
mother was hard

but you made it totally worth

you’ve made me the person i am

you’ve helped me mature
helped me through pain

and i mostly appreciate the fact that
i could give my mother

your grandmother, the grandchild she
always wanted

your the light of my life
and its great to know when im feeling down, your there for

you’ve always have, and i know you always

i love you my precious son ❤


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