Insignificant Significance

Do you ever think about the little things?
Meaning the little things people do that seem so insignificant!
Well I do
I never thought anything of them
Until my mom passed away suddenly
Now it’s all I ever pay attention to
I never thought to save all my voicemails
But now it’s all I ever do
You never take ones life seriously until that persons gone
You think you have all the time in the world
You keep pushing things off to the next day
You argue and dont apologize because you have too much pride
You don’t say I love you before you leave because your so sure your going to see them later!
Well news flash !!!!!!
Anything can happen
At anytime, of any day, at any moment
And everything you wish you said or done is now the insignificant
If I could turn back time
I would give anything to tell my mom how much I loved her
Or give her a big kiss
Or just to hear her call me cammy
One last time
But do you know what?
I can’t, I figured we had at least another 60 years together
And everything I wish I said or done, could never happen now.
So take my advice
Next time you wanna tell someone you love, you hate them
Think twice, because that could be the last thing you say to them
It’s not worth living with that regret!
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