Ingredants to Happiness

I’m not saying its easy to forget
But in my personal opinion, its much more easier to ignore
I truly believe you can take many routes in life, to lead to happiness
it just depends on which route you take
and if you get lost on the way
it depends on how you handle the situation, to get back on track
everybody makes mistakes in life
it may feel like your alone, but in all reality
they’re a million other people going through the same thing
some just handle it a little better and some just take it to the extreme
but i believe if you just add 2 ingredients to your everyday life
it’ll not only help you ignore the stress, the pain, the anxiety, and the depression
but it’ll make you feel more calm and relaxed
life flows so much smoother that way
you just have to add a pinch of laughter with a bunch of not giving a shit
and theres your happiness
like i said, its not easy but trying to live a carefree life
is so much better then living a stressful one ;D

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