Happy Birthday Mama

Once again
its part of that time of year where i have no choice
but to think of my mom
Today is her 50th birthday!
and every year it not only gets harder
but its pretty weird.
Its never really the same saying happy birthday
or celebrating one’s birthday without
the persons who’s birthday it is.
I remember me and my sisters would wake up early and make breakfast for my mom
and when i said we’d make breakfast
i mean
i would make the eggs, homefries, pancakes, sausage
and my sisters would be in charge of toast and orange juice
[which they could barely handle cause they suck as cooks!]
anyways, after we were done we would attack her on the bed
and sing happy birthday
and i miss all that
i miss seeing my moms cheery smile after that 
she would look so happy
happier then she would look all year long
She was literally the best mother anyone could ever ask for
and i wish i appreciated her more at the time.
Christmas will forever, mean nothing to me
Birthdays will forever be difficult
and holidays will just be something i have no choice but to deal with
if it was up to me i’d stop celebrating everything all together
but i have to suck it up for my kids sake!
Life will never be the same way without her ever again
im actually at a lost of words
i feel like im going through the same motions every year
and no matter what i say will ever bring her back
and i wish things were different. 
I love and miss you mama, i really wish you were here
to celebrate your birthday ❤
I hope your having a happy happy birthday
We all love you!!!
Naomi Lynn

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