Happiness was my choice for change, whats yours?

I’ve been thinking about change and happiness lately
It was never something I thought in a positive way
Only because I never thought I’d see either of them
Strangely my thoughts and feelings haven’t been all over the place like they use too
And at first I couldn’t explain why
My husband is deployed
And my past is still my past
But I still questioned myself
Then it hit me, like a shitload of bricks!
When I think of change I think of my husband
And when I think of happiness…I think of my husband
But like I said I’ve always been depressed, why did it take my husbands deployment to snap out of it?
For anyone who truely knows me
They know I don’t believe in putting “forgein” substances in my body
[if I don’t have to]
And medicine wasn’t nor ever will be
My turn to drug to treat “depression”
But I honestly truely believe my husband was my medicine all along
He made me realize what I have
And what Im missing
And what I never ever, ever wanna lose
And that’s happiness
He’s given me happiness
Which also causes the domino effect of change
He’s what I needed these past few years
And I truely believe I’ll never hate life
And I will never take it for granted again
I appreciate everything god has ever thrown my way
Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be in such a positive place today
And I hope that anyone who actually reads my blog
Soaks in every single word I say
Trust me, I’m probably one of the last people on earth who would think they’d find peace and happiness in the world
But I can honestly say I have
It just takes time and a lot of patients
Luckily I have a lot of each ;D
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