so deployment is nothing i thought it would be
i really thought i was strong enough
but in reality
I’m not
I’m not the person you guys think i am
I’m not as strong as i think i am
i really wish i was
if i can get through a horrible abusive relationship
a druggie as a father
and the death of my mother
why cant i get through this
seriously why cant i?
this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!
i never want to go through this ever again
sorry for my thoughts
I’m not myself right now
I’m going through one of those
“i miss my husband”
kind of periods
i don’t think people realize
once they find there other half
that’s what they lean on
i lean on my husband
and not being able to talk to him everyday
kills me
being a military wife is the hardest thing ever
and all you wives or girlfriends who have men in jail
don’t even try to compare yourself to us
you don’t come close to what we have to go throw
you didn’t sign up for what your men are going through
but the day my husband became a solider
i became a solider
i may not be going through the same struggles as he is
but I’m sacrificing just as much
and its hard
i just want people to Cherish there everyday lives
cherish every moment you have with your better half
because if i could i would
i miss him so much
and he does as much as he can for this family
i just wish he was here to make me feel better!
no words of wisdom.
no morals
i just want my husband home!!!
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