Change of Perspective

Strange how our perspectives change on life as we get older, right?
I’m sitting here on facebook and its making sick…BLAHHH
Some girls are so fucking gross
and some guys are equally bad
Things like half naked pictures
and people waking up and smoking never bothered me so much before.
But it bothers me a lot now
I’m not trying to judge anybody, really
because i don’t really care what people choose to do with there lives.
Ok i lied i am judging people
I’m especially judging the mothers who blast it everywhere that they smoke 
Congrats, you smoke and party every other day
such a great example for your children
And please i know what some of you may think
I must be jealous, right ?!
why would anybody wanna stay home 24/7 and watch 3 kids, Right?!
well I’m not jealous
I’m far from it
i actually enjoy being with my kids
I’m probably away from them once in a blue moon
and i still get anxiety when I’m not around them.
Anyways i just got really off topic, and ranted a little bit
This blog was actually suppose to go a totally different direction like
when your young and you live life so carefree
to growing up and having adult responsibilities
when you realize whats actually right and wrong
when your ready to settle down, and let your life begin
and when your ready to finally take your parents advice
[please kids i strongly advise, LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS!]
they may not make sense when your young but it sure helps you out when your older ;]
anyways looking at facebook made me realize
Some people are stupid
Like really stupid
I’m convinced anybody who lives by “YOLO”
will either die at a very young age cliff diving
[yeahh you only live once, when you fall off a cliff and die and cant resurrect yourself]
or ending up homeless on the street
[like whats the point of living once, if your living in shitty conditions.]
ugh! my blogs actually have sucked lately i have so much on my mind
that i honestly don’t even know where i was going with this one
I think I’m just annoyed with nasty people on the computer
yes you may have a heart of gold girls
but i don’t have to see your ass and boobs on my computer screen
i shouldn’t have to brace myself
before pulling up facebook around my kids
and people defiantly shouldn’t be writing things like
pu**y every four seconds
nobody cares if you get pu**y
and guys if you think that’s a turn on
its not
i think girls are just going to assume you have a nasty penis
well at least that’s what i invision!!!
so i think i actually may have some words of wisdom here
life isn’t all about sex, drugs, and alcohol
its about bills, responsibility, and taking care of your own 😀
Yay!! sooo…fun right !?!?
*totally re-edited this, i
clearly used the “P” word and i felt really gross so i bleeped it in a

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