Battered But Brave

Isnt it funny how a constant encounter with unfortunate events can cause
one to snap!

well, welcome to my

Have you ever caught yourself saying your life sucked,
or you wished you would die?

join the freaking

but these so-called “unfortunate” events have reason to

it has taken me a little over 5 years to see

i have been battered and beaten, but yet im still

i have been tortured and emotionally abused, but
yet i am still standing

i have lost my mother, but yet….i
am still standing

you notice the

well i do, no matter what lifes thrown at me thus

ive not only walked out of the

but ive walked out a little stronger, a littler
wiser, and much braver

thats 3 traits that most people in
this world will never ever posses

and i just so happen to
gain all 3

sometimes i wonder “but god, why me?”

but i also know probably a million other people ask
themselves that question too!

did you ever think of

over a million other people are going through the same
hardships as i have

but yet i ask myself “god why

then i start to question myself why

im still here arent i?
doesnt kill you makes you stronger” riiight?

suprisingly, it
has taken my husbands recent deployment for me to appreciate

i no longer wonder why these things happen to

yess, i do hate the fact that unfortunate things come my

but look at the outcome
from being
battered and beaten

ive gained a wonder amazing

from the torture and abuse
gained strength

and from losing my

ive not only met the man of my dreams
but ive gained a new family
and a
newfound appreciation towards life

im convinced these things
happen for a reason

even if it means i have to fight through

swim through tears
and cross over
a mountain of depression

im no longer going to let life
bring me down

im finally walking the path to

and i refuse to turn around

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