And Now Your My Baby For Life

I remember when i first really met you
I knew you were my soulmate
You made me feel TRUE LOVE
I thought ive felt it NOT once BUT twice before.
The first time it was forced love
It took me sometime to figure that out
But it left my heart broken and despair
The second time it was puppy love
Then when i met you i felt TRUE love
my life changed
I could hardly breath
My heart melted
It was like my life stopped and rewired itself
and from that day on all my painful tears
Were tears of joy
My meaningless personality
Became somewhat significant
The way i looked
Meant EVERYTHING to me
I didnt want to disappoint you, in any given way
I couldnt risk losing you
You were too PEFECT, too SPECIAL , too AMAZING
I knew no one could compete with you
And i wasnt gonna let you get away
I knew you were my soulmate, it was just a gut feeling
I remember the first time i EVER talked to you
The first thing i said was “im secretly in love with you”
You thought i was CRAZZZZY!!!
I thought i was crazy!
But i knew deep down something was pulling me towards you
I couldnt get away, i didnt want to get away
And im glad i didnt
Your my heart and soul
Without you
I wouldnt breathe
My heart would stop
My somewhat meaningful life would diminsh
And with that said, I love you
For Life, ForEver, For Eternity ❤

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