And He Calls Me His Sexy Mama

So I’m just sitting here thinking about how life has been so far
and it got me thinking
My husband must really really love me
for the people who know us
We look like were like the perfect couple
but at one point we were far from that
I will honestly admit that I’m a crazy bitch
Well not anymore
but my husband met me at the peak of my craziness
My mother died probably a month and a half before i started talking to him
and he got the wrath of my anger
Okay not my anger but my crazy
IjustLOSTaLOVEDoneSTAGE of life!
and he’s been dealing with it since day one
I really commend him, for that
I’m not easy to deal with
He dealt with my cries everyday and every night
He would hold me and comfort me
Sometimes he would just sit there and it was comforting enough
Ive honestly never shown my emotions to ANYONE
Literally no one
NO ONE!!!!!
but for some reason I’ve always felt comfortable
Speaking my mind to my husband
He’s literally everything I’ve always needed in life
He’s stuck by me through my depression
My drunken rants
My sleepless nights
My crazy accusations of him wanting to leave me
SERIOUSLY! depression and anxiety combined
is a horrible horrible thing
Combined they do things to your mind
[literally your mind makes shit up on its own and you believe it]
but like I’ve said hes stuck by me
and he continues to stick by me no matter how fat i get too
[now that’s love]
No but seriously
I just want to say
Thanks for trying to understand me
and make my life a little easier
I don’t think you have any idea how much of a
Help, Influence, Inspiration
You have been on my life
I know you haven’t been through any of my struggles
but i appreciate the fact that you try and put yourself in my shoes
and continue to comfort and support me
no matter how hard headed, stubborn, or how right i always am
I love you babe, and i know your gonna roll your eyes
When you read this
So get or’ it
Soak it in
and flash your wonderful Rosy cheeks 😀

so Chris read my blog this evening [5/29/12] and this was his response:
[4:47:10 PM] chris payne: haha i feel like god made you write that blog just to cheer me up… i really love you babe and your my everything… rosey cheeks and all… and your right i did roll my eyes… you know me so well

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