Analyze That

So i know I’ve been reminiscing about my husband a lot lately
but since his r&r is so close, its kind of hard not too 😀
Its so funny because I’ve been thinking about our whole relationship a lot
Don’t you wish you could record your whole life without putting in the effort
of owning a video camera, or taping it yourself?
Because i do, theres so many memories I’ve had with my husband
that i wish i could look back on now and enjoy.
Really the best memories are the simple insignificant ones
that you wouldn’t think of recording.
For instance
The first time I’ve ever met/seen my husband
was probably 2 years before i actually even met him [probably ’06] 
We just happen to be at the same place at the same time
and my sons’ father knew Chris and said hi
of course i was just sitting in the back round because i didn’t know who the hell he was.
But isn’t that strange, how you can meet someone
Who has nothing to do with your life
and you have no intentions of them being apart of your life
then POOF! Out of nowhere they show up again years later
and end up being the best thing in your life!
I just find that so strange how things work out like that.
Back then i hated life, and i hated the situation i was in
and thought that i was going to die at a young age.
When people are in bad situations, they only think about the negative.
But me, from learning from my experiences
Ive learned you actually never know what the outcome will be
and i now own the ability to over think and analyze EVERYTHING!!
Sometimes you have to just go with the flow with life
Whats going to happen, is most likely going to happen anyways
the outcome just depends on how you handle the situation
meaning in a positive or negative manner
I’m totally convinced
me and my husband were always meant for each other
and I’m not just saying that to sound like a softy.
But thinking back whats the likeliness of meeting someone 2 years
prior to knowing who they are
not only that, but when i met my husband in high school [senior year]
I literally had almost every class with him
Shit i was even good friends and worked with his best friend!
So it was like life didn’t want him to get away from me
I was literally drawn to him every time i saw him
The funny thing is
my husband wasn’t even my type!
But i still went for him haha
Anyways to make a long story short
I think I’m pretty much trying to say
life is so unpredictable
Don’t be so quick to think everyone and everything is out to get you
because your not the only one.
From negatives comes positives
If my sons’ father didn’t make me stay home from school my junior year
then i never would’ve met my husband when i did
And from my negatives
Ive completely done a 360 and have turned my life in one big positive
and I’m completely happy and at peace with where i am today
No more blaming people, No more blaming life, and especially no more blaming god!

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