A Fathers Day Tribute: The Good, The Bad, The Meaningless

Warning: some of this may
come off as harsh but its the truth and the way i feel, ive never held back my
feelings for any of my blog readers, and i dont intend on holding back my
feelings to uphold a certain image for someone who doesnt deserve it and tries
to make themselves as something there not! Thank you, have a GREAT DAY
Today’s Father’s Day
Which means i feel obligated to blog about it!
This morning when i woke up i automatically acknowledged the fact on which day it was
But the only AMAZING person i could truly think of was my wonderful husband
He’s literally the best father/husband anybody could ever want
Kinda makes me jealous of my kids
That they have such an amazing father
Something that my life has lacked
Yes, as a child you don’t really notice the bad in your father [if there is some]
Until your older and you really understand
I’ve always told myself
“yes i had good times as a child with my father”
but now that I’m older and think back
There wasn’t really good times
I was the closet to my dad out of all my sisters
and I’ve realized all he did was manipulate me and mold me into something I’m clearly not
luckily I’m smarter then what he thought
and i make my own decisions
Unfortunately I’ve noticed he has contributed to
the traumatizing events in my life
like why must i cringe every time i see a police officer
i have nothing to hid nor ever had
but yet I’m terrified of them.
Why was the number one rule growing up
“don’t look at what I’m doing, or ask questions”
what kind of bullshit is that
and last but not least
I shouldn’t have to knock on any door in my house before entering
nor should there be locks on the doors inside the house!
you see my life growing up wasn’t all honky dory
and thinking back now
why wasn’t my dad more involved in the process of me being abused
What loving father just lets a teenage boy take there daughter.
I’m convinced my mom was the only one who cared
and actually took action on the situation.
My dad is literally the scum of the earth
and i wish other people would see his true evil
instead of embracing it
he’s a liar, cheat, manipulating druggie
he doesn’t deserve love
nor affection from anybody
he only cares about himself
so that’s all he needs
and nothing in my life would ever change my perspective on him ever!
but enough of that depressing crap
This blog isn’t a tribute to shitty fathers
Its a tribute to the good ones
you know like my husband 😀
He always puts his kids first before himself
and I’m so happy that he could
take my son in as his own
cause obviously my son was let down by his real one
but i do want to thank my husband for everything he does for our kids
It means the world to not only them
but also to me and i don’t think I’ve could’ve
chosen a better person to
have and to hold
for better for worse
for richer for poorer
in sickness and in health
to love and cherish
For the rest of my entire life
The kids and i love him so much
and cant wait until he’s home
and i pray that as our children grow and mature
They appreciate his love and kindness
as much as i do
I also wanna say a BIG Happy Fathers Day to my
Pop-Pop and my Father-In-Law
you both mean so much to me
and I’m so happy your both apart of my life!

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