Done, Over With, and Totally Off Topic!

I never thought this r&r was going to be so hard
I’m usually an emotionless person
but since my husband has been home all i wanna do is cry
This long distance crap is BULLSHIT!!
seriously BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just cant wait for the next couple of months to go by so it can be over with
I’m ready to live my life with my husband
its already hard enough hes been gone for every holiday
and he’s going to miss our 1 year wedding anniversary
I’m luckily/hopefully will be spending mine with my bestest friend
not trying to get off topic but how many best friends get married literally 24 hours apart
If anybody is in a military relationship
i highly, HIGHLY suggest dropping all your friends that already don’t pay attention to you
and find that one military wife you can connect with
yess i know its hard
and yess most of them are snobby and real Dbags
but im sure you’ll connect with one of them haha
luckily i found my military soul mate on the first try
and it was fate, i swear
anyways she has been my shoulder since my husband left and i wouldn’t want it any other way
i know this blog is kinda short but like Ive mentioned my husband is home, i honestly shouldn’t have time for this haha
by the way bre this is too be continued one day expect a long blog entirely dedicated to our ngswwcpness haha i love you!!’
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